Wrigley Field

"Unsatisfactory Fan Experience"

Seat Review From Section 226, Row 23, Seats 11-12
Jul 2017


I traveled from Washington DC to attend my first game at Wrigley Field on 7/23/17. From these seats, it was difficult to follow the game.

One seat (12, I think) had a totally obstructed view of the pitchers mound so you could not anticipate when the ball would arrive at the batter's box. There was no way to see the nice new information board for detailed information on the batter or even the smaller electronic board to see the lineups.

There were some small flat screens mounted under the overhang that blocked our view, but they were not large enough and had poor resolution so that you could barely make out the ball and strike counts. They carried minimal information, not even he name of the batter. I was shocked by the lack of attention to the fan experience.

In addition, there was no functioning restroom on the mezzanine level and it was a long hike up and down multiple ramps to access restrooms on other levels.

Best for... fans on a budget, being in the shade

Avoid if... you want to watch the game

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    Column in Section 226, Row 6, Seat 2.

    Section 226, Row 6, Seat 1

    • "Great Value"

      (Section 202) - -

      These are the best seats for the price. You have bleachers to the right of you and they are paying twice as much and two rows in front are paying 70% more.

    • "Could Be Better..."

      (Section 203) - -

      Both my wife and I could barely see the pitchers mound. It was frustrating because we couldn't tell when the pitch was coming. The video board was also hard to see. It was kinda chilly so it was actually nice to be in the sun, but I'd be upset if it was a hot day.

    • "Awesome 200 Level Aisle"

      (Section 227) - -

      Row 1 could get distracted by fans passing by, but not in row 2. You get just enough height to see over fans walking between the 100 and 200 sections. The aisle is to the right so the people walking by won't block your view. They're the perfect seats!

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