Wrigley Field

"Cool views of the neighborhood, but not the game"

Seat Review From Section 430, Row 7, Seat 106
Apr 2014


The views of the game were very poor. A large beam with an exit sign attached located one section over in 536 blocks out the entire view of home plate, and it is impossible to tell what is going on down in the right field corner.

But from these seats you do get a pretty cool view of the well known Wrigley Field Rooftops on Sheffield Ave, and you can also see Lake Michigan in the background. Definitely fun to come up here before a game to get a fun perspective of the neighborhood and the lake, but with the limited views of the field I would not recommend sitting here for an entire game.

Avoid if... you want to watch the game

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    • "Great Seat, Easy Access"

      (Section 331) - -

      Nice seat on the aisle, right by breezeway for easy access out.

    • "Knee crushing obstructed views"

      (Section 429) - -

      This could be the worst seat I have ever been in at Wrigley Field. The view of home plate and batters box is completely obstructed by a support pillar just in front of Aisle 536 Row 1 Seat 1. You can also forget about seeing any action down the right field line as the seats in the 400 level below ...

    • "Good"

      (Section 308) -

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