Wrigley Field

"Knee crushing obstructed views"

Seat Review From Section 429, Row 3, Seat 7
Apr 2014


This could be the worst seat I have ever been in at Wrigley Field. The view of home plate and batters box is completely obstructed by a support pillar just in front of Aisle 536 Row 1 Seat 1. You can also forget about seeing any action down the right field line as the seats in the 400 level below start to block the view halfway between first base and the right field foul pole.

Adding to the list of undesirable features is the protective railing just in front of the seat, which takes away most of the leg room. My right knee was wedged up against the lower railing, making it incredibly uncomfortable to sit normally in the seat. The railing continues in the seats to the right (Seats 8-12), and I hope to never find myself in these seats again for a Cubs game.

Avoid if... you want to watch the game, you are bringing the family, you consider yourself "Big and Tall"

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