Wrigley Field

"Cool Views of the Neighborhood and the Lake"

Seat Review From Section 403, Row 8, Seat 107
Apr 2014


Who knew you could see Lake Michigan from the 500 Level at Wrigley Field? These seats give you a view of the lake and of the neighborhood around Wrigley. It was cool watching balls fly onto the street during batting practice and watching people scatter after them.

Views of the action on the field were not so great. I only sat here for a few minutes before the game started, but the seats were really, really cold and windy and this was the nicest day we've had in Chicago in six months.

You can see the iconic scoreboard, most of the outfield and part of the infield. But if you're afraid of heights, you're right along a chain link fence separating you and 100 feet to the ground. But if there's a threat of rain, grab seats in a lower row in the 500 level and you're sure to stay dry!

Best for... fans on a budget, being in the shade

Avoid if... you want to watch the game, you are bringing the family, you consider yourself "Big and Tall"

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    Steps are steep!

    Jun 2018

    Section 403, Row 8, Seat 102

    This is the last section in the upper deck so we weren't expecting much, but these steps we're steep! It is probably close to two feet between each row. There's not a ton of rows but climbing all the way up to row 8 was a lot of work! Still love Wrigley Field and enjoyed the game from up here regardless of the pole.

    • "Overlooks Dugout and Field"

      (Section 309) - -

      These seats are a great view of everything at Wrigley Field. Being in the first row you can see into the front of the Cubs dugout. You can also see the scoreboard, videoboards, rooftoops, and some skyline. Picture perfect.

    • "Great Seat, Easy Access"

      (Section 331) - -

      Nice seat on the aisle, right by breezeway for easy access out.

    • "Good seats on a nice breezy day"

      (Section 304) - -

      In section 403 the seats had a surprisingly decent view for being so high up. I did have to turn my head to the right to watch the game, but it was not straining on my neck at all. It was a breezy day and I was completely in the shade and covered, but a light jacket was all I needed to stay comforta...

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