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Similar to the Terrace Level Infield, these seats down the baselines have some of the highest risk for obstructed views. The first 6 rows are the safest options (known as the Terrace Box portion of most sections here), while the potential for a compromised view gets greater as you move to the higher numbered rows.

Most of the support beams are located at Row 6, however they begin to move further back as you get closer to the foul poles. Sections near the outfield corners also have the advantage of angled seats giving you a more natural and comfortable viewing angle towards the infield, but may have difficulty following balls hit directly down the lines.

If you're looking to stay in the shade, opt for seats on the third base side rather than those on the first base side which can still see some sun during later portions of the afternoon.

Foul balls are extremely rare in these seats due to the overhanging upper deck, and these are also some of the largest sections with as many as 32 numbered rows of seating.  - RateYourSeats.com

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    Clear infield views in rows 1-8

    Section 205, Row 9-23

    While you need to consider the neighboring beams from rows below the beams themselves in aisles further down the line (202-204), in section 205 you begin to have a less extreme angle to the field.

    Less chance of obstructed views on the right side

    Section 206, Row 7-23

    Most views from seats higher than row 6 will have the risk of an obstructed view, but you can still find decent infield views if sitting in seat numbers 1-4 in rows 12 and lower. Without knowing the seat number prior to purchase, avoid rows 7 and higher whenever possible.

    • "Can't See 2nd Base"

      (Section 204) - -

      The view of the plate is unobstructed, looking in between 2 columns. 2nd base is hidden behind the column in section 204. The left field corner is hidden. The upper deck hides fly balls so judging the distance of hits is hard. The view of the left field scoreboard is blocked by the upper deck ov...

    • "Great Seats For The Price"

      (Section 203) - -

      These are great seats, they are on the aisle and there are not many other seats in the row so you don't have to get up much. The seats were also out of the sun so you do not bake.

    • "Shady Sanctuary"

      (Section 207) - -

      Attended Cubs Reds on August 5, which surprisingly ended up in a Cubs win. It was maybe mid to high 80s with some typical Chicago summer humidity. But lucky for us, these seats were in the shade thanks to being under the overhand of the upper deck. The wind was blowing in from the northeast and p...

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