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Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

The most popular seats at a Sixers game are found in lower level sections along the sidelines. Each of these sections is within 26 rows of the court and offers unobstructed views of the action.

Sections 101 and 113 are located directly at mid-court and provide the most equitable views of both sides. 76ers fans will find the home bench in front of Sections 102 and 103 where they can sit just a few feet back from their favorite players. Visiting fans can enjoy a similar experience in sections 123 and 124.

While the front rows of sections 103 and 123 are great for being close to the players, they do not offer a very good view of the action. Unless your sole purpose is getting as close to the court as possible, you should avoid all seats through row 10 in these sections and in sections 111 and 115. Because the arena also accommodates hockey, these sections face behind the basket instead of facing the floor. Higher rows in these sections are slightly better, but still not ideal.

For the best combination of a good view and easy access to the concourse, choose seats near row 17. The elevation of a higher row will give you a great perspective and you'll be able to see the entire court comfortably. You'll also be right at the section entrance so you can easily escape for a beverage or to head to the restroom.  - RateYourSeats.com

Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • "Brutal View Behind Visitor Bench"

    (Section 124) - -

    Very disappointed! Expected first row courtside and it was anything but, you had to look over 2 rows of assistants, security and players and constant traffic walking in front of you…….NEVER AGAIN this seat.

  • "Average view but great experience"

    (Section 123) - -

    If you're gonna be behind one of the benches your view will be obstructed somewhat, but nothing beats seeing your favorite player up close Vince Carter tossed me his headband!

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