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The upper level of the Wells Fargo Center is also referred to as the Mezzanine Level. Each upper level section contains approximately 15 rows of seats with row 1 located at the front of each section. When choosing tickets in these sections, you\'ll want to purchase seats in the lowest row possible. Like most major arenas, there is a significant difference between the first and last rows of the upper level. Anything in row 6 and below will have you feeling like you\'re just above the club level. Meanwhile, if you have to climb the stairs to a double-digit row, you might regret your decision to save a few dollars.

Figuring out which tickets to buy in these sections can be a confusing experience. Sections 215 and 223 are closest to the stage, but they are often-times priced among the cheapest tickets in this seating zone. The reason these tickets typically have an attractive price tag is due to the side view they provide. Instead of looking the band members in the eyes, you\'ll spend most of your time staring at their sides. Despite this imperfection, we still recommend these seats as a good way to save money and be close to the stage. Just remember to aim for seats in a lower - it\'s especially important here because sound and lighting equipment is placed towards the side of the stage and most greatly impacts views from the higher rows.

Among the rest of the side sections in the Mezzanine, buying decisions should be fairly straight-forward. We recommend purchasing tickets in the closest section to the stage where you can be in the first half-dozen rows. Although these seats are still to the side of the stage, you\'ll end up with an unobstructed view and a better angle than what you get in 215 and 223.   - RateYourSeats.com

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    • "Seats were not great because the big backdrop screens were blocked by camera. We couldn’t see any of it. "

      (Section 212) - -

      Seats were not good. We could not see any of the large back screens because high structural hanging cameras blocked the view. Would not sit there ever again. Being so far and not being able to see the large screens was disappointing.

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