Wallace Wade Stadium

"Nice seats, but may be filled with visiting fans"

Seat Review From Section 3, Row MM
Nov 2019


Nice seats! Near mid-field, so you have a pretty good view of the entire game. If Duke is playing a team with a bigger fanbase, expect these sections to be filled with visiting team fans, as it's behind their bench.

I like sitting around the 20 yard line, as you have a nice view as well as more room for yourself as opposed to sitting directly in the middle. However, I'd probably choose similar seats on the opposite side for next time, as the concourse over there is nicer and I'd prefer to be around all Duke fans!

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    • "Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Duke Blue Devils - Nov 9, 2019"

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    • "Love sitting close!"

      (Section 9) - -

      If you're okay with a low sightline for football, then the first few rows at Wallace Wade Stadium are a great choice. When the action is on your side, it basically feels like you're in the game! When the action is on the other side, it can be a bit difficult to see, but the huge scoreboard on th...

    • "Nothing like the Midfield Reserved Sections!"

      (Section 27) - -

      I really like sitting in sections 27-28. Although they might come at a higher price point, it's great to be surrounded by the biggest Duke fans and be located right behind their sideline. Oh, and you'll be right around the 50 yard line too so the viewing perspective is awesome.

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