Troy Memorial Stadium

Troy Memorial Stadium Upper Level Side Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

Troy Stadium is a fairly straightforward football stadium with sideline seating available in both levels on both sides of the field. When comparing the sidelines on the upper level; however, there are significant differences.

As one of the hottest stadiums in college football, fans will look for any edge when it comes to staying cool. If avoiding the heat is important, you will want to completely avoid the odd-numbered sections in the 200 level. These are the most exposed seats in the stadium and won't see any relief until the sun sets. As an alternative, consider even-numbered seats which will have the sun setting behind their back.

If it's additional comfort you're looking for, sections 208, 210, 212 and 214 feature stadium-style chairs with backs. Combined with a midfield view, these are often considered the best non-club seats for a Troy football game.


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