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Verizon Center Mezzanine Level Corner


Sitting Here for a Hockey Game

Some of the farthest seats from the ice are located in mezzanine level sections in the corners. Despite their distance from the playing surface, some of these seats offer quality sightlines and the lowest rows have comparable views to some club level sections.

The best value in these corner sections are the ones with the best angles towards center ice. Sections like 405 and 406 in the southeast corner are well situated for a hockey game and allow you to see all facets of the game comfortably. As a bonus, these corner sections are typically less expensive than adjacent sections that are slightly closer to the red line.

Perhaps more important than choosing the right upper level section is choosing the right row to sit in. Most of these sections contain roughly 15 rows of seats with the section entrance located near row 3. Sitting in a lower row usually means a short walk to restrooms and concessions and you'll also be situated just above the top of the club level - for a fraction of the price.  -

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