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Washington Capitals Club Level Attack and Defend Seating


Sitting Here for a Hockey Game

Despite being on the club level, 200 level sections in the corners do not receive any club benefits or privileges. Never-the-less, these are some of the most under-rated seats for seeing the action on the ice.

A corner section may not seem ideal, but the sections that are well-angled towards center ice have some of the most equitable views of both sides and very good overall sitelines. And like all other club level seats, these seats have the perfect amount of elevation for seeing the ice without feeling too removed from the action.  -

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    • "Acela Club, row B"

      (Section 202) - -

      The glaring negative for these expensive seats are the completely spoiled brats that can afford this section on a regular basis. They would routinely ask people in front of them not to lean forward in their seats because it obstructed their view. Really? We're at a hockey game!! How can you NOT ...

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