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When sitting behind the net, viewers get a great angle to watch the plays develop as the players skate down the ice. This also gives fans a view similar to what the goalie sees before he comes up with a big save or a goal is scored.

Fans sitting behind the net should consider the Shoot Twice side of the Verizon Center. Sections 104-107 are on the side where the Capitals will shoot twice so home fans who want to have the best chance to be close to where their team scores should look to sit on this side of the arena.

For the best overall views of breakouts and power play setups, choose a higher row where you'll be able to see over the glass and partitions and also to the other side.


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  • Section 115, Row H
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    February 7 - Carolina Hurricanes at Washington Capitals
  • Section 118, Row K
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    March 14 - Minnesota Wild at Washington Capitals
  • Section 117, Row H
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    April 9 - Florida Panthers at Washington Capitals
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  • The nets ruined our seats in 117.

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