Capital One Arena

Washington Capitals Preferred Attack and Defend Seating


Sitting Here for a Hockey Game

From the corner of the lower level of seating, fans will get a great view of the action on the near side of the ice. Fans will have an ideal perspective for big face-offs close to their side, but it can be difficult to see what is happening when the action approaches the opposite end of the ice. For this reason, be sure to choose the side where your team shoot twice. If you're a Caps fan, choose one of the sections on the 102-103 side of the ice. You'll have the best views of a majority of their scoring chances.

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    • "Section 103 Row B Seats 3-6"

      (Section 103) -
    • "I loved those seats, even with the blind spot on the far left side"


      Because when the players were in front of us, they were THERE.

    • "I loved being six rows from where all the action is."


      Compared to other arenas I've been in, this one had a good amount of leg and elbow room.

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