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Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

If you're looking for a great experience at the Verizon Center but club and 100 level seats are too expensive, consider sections on the upper level close to center court. These seats are located just above the club level and suites and offer comfortable and unobstructed views of both sides of the court.

In addition to great views of the court, you'll also find additional comforts and amenities nearby. For instance, these sections have the shortest walks to restrooms of any upper level seats. They're also close to the escalators and elevators only found along the sidelines.

Because the corner and baseline sections are pushed so far back from the court, you're almost always better off in a high row at center court than a low row behind the basket. For example, tickets in row K of section 418 are usually priced similar to tickets in Row A of section 423. But despite being higher up (vertically) the tickets in section 418 are much closer to the court. Only consider the corner and baseline sections if your budget insists or if you have trouble walking up the stairs and need a low row.   -

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