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Capital One Arena 100 Level Baseline Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

Baseline sections are usually the cheapest way to see a game from the lower level. Not surprisingly, these seats are also known for having the worst views and being farther from the court than expected.

The biggest complaint with these sections is their location behind the baskets. The hoop can make it difficult to see if baskets are made or missed and can make it difficult to see the other end entirely. For minimal obstructions, choose a higher row in one of the sections closer to the corner. The elevation will help you see both end and the angle from the corner helps to see the near basket better.

Another complaint among fans in these seats is their distance from the court. Despite being behind the basket, many fans sit here hoping to be close to the floor. In reality, row A is the first row in each section and more than ten rows from the court. Box seats and floor seats occupy the dozen or so rows closest to the court.

Each of these sections is split up into a lower and upper portion. Rows A-T are in the lower part and U-Z are up a small set of stairs. In row T you'll be just a few steps away from the concourse and in row U you'll have no one sitting in front of you.   -

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    • "104 Row P Sucks!"


      These seats are behind the reclining seats and I have long legs. I am thinking about doing a MAJOR upgrade to my season tickets.

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