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Seat Review From Section 552, Row 7
Jul 2013


Way up, but you can move around and sit anywhere close. For the price you cant complain

Best for... fans on a budget

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    • "Affordable Seats"

      (Section 546) - -

      For $11, these seats were a pretty good deal.

    • "Surprisingly Decent"

      (Section 556) - -

      Sure, they're pretty far from home plate, but it's a pretty comfortable spot. You can see the whole field without straining your neck. Concessions are a little thin this far down the line, but the Fundamentals Deck is nearby which is a plus if you have kids.

    • "Free Seats As Part of Kids Club"

      (Section 546) - -

      These seats were free after signing up for the Chicago White Sox Kids Club. Seats were pretty good. A little bit steep in this section, but you get a great view of the entire field. Took my 9 10 year-old sister to the game. Was a friendly crowd on a Wednesday night.

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