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"Avoid Right Aisle Seats in the First Two Rows"

Seat Review From Section 544, Row 2, Seats 1-2
Apr 2013


These seats are in the first section of the cheaper upper deck seats. They have a great view of the out-of-town scoreboard and the main scoreboard in CF. However, there are seats in this section and in other sections in the 500 level that should absolutely be avoided. The aisle seats nearest home plate (Seat 1 on the 3B side) in the first two rows have a view that is almost completely obstructed by the railing. This makes it near-impossible to see the entire batter-pitcher exchange without looking at some railings. In turn, this made it difficult to see hard-hit ground balls. All the seats in Row 3 and above are fine -- as are seats in the middle of the row -- but if you're choosing aisle seats, choose the ones away from home plate.

Despite the poor view, being on the aisle one step away from the tunnel makes getting to the concourse an absolute breeze. The restrooms were about three sections away -- so not perfect -- but there are an abundance of permanent and moveable concession stands, which is rare for an upper deck.

Even in April on a 40 degree day, I walked away with pretty severe sunburn for a 1:00 game. There's no chance at shade for an afternoon game in these seats so bring the sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, nine umbrellas and a tarp.

Vendors hawking beer, soft drinks, candy, hot dogs and popcorn were aplenty -- so even if you're seated in a higher row, the concessions will come to you.

Best for... bringing the family, fans on a budget, partying/socializing

Avoid if... you want to watch the game

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      These seats were at the front of the upper deck behind home plate. They had a great view of the entire game. They also have a great view of the fireworks.

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      Not the most spectacular seats in the ballpark but also not bad by any means. Good view from behind home plate. Being slightly in the first base side means you really get a good look at balls to the left side of the infield and outfield. Some elderly people were taking it slow on the stairs so...

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      Used the RateYourSeats shade finder to find covered seats on a hot day. Row 14 was perfectly cool for a 1pm game in late July. Two rows in front of me is much more exposed. Of course, in terms of actually getting to row 14, you're going to pay the price a little bit. The stairs can be burdensome ...

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