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"Free Seats As Part of Kids Club"

Seat Review From Section 546, Row 10, Seat 11
Oct 2011


These seats were free after signing up for the Chicago White Sox Kids Club. Seats were pretty good. A little bit steep in this section, but you get a great view of the entire field. Took my 9 10 year-old sister to the game. Was a friendly crowd on a Wednesday night.

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    Affordable Seats

    Jun 2011

    Section 546, Row 4, Seats 6-11

    For $11, these seats were a pretty good deal.

    • "Seats are Pretty Far Back"

      (Section 509) - -

      Went to Cubs/Sox game in these seats.

    • "Bleeds"

      (Section 552) - -

      Way up, but you can move around and sit anywhere close. For the price you cant complain

    • "Pretty good seats overall"

      (Section 555) - -

      Pretty good seats overall. Concessions were real easy to get to and the lines were very light.

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