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"Great seats! Close to action"

Seat Review From Section 130, Row 18, Seats 3-6
Aug 2017


Row 18 has 10 seats. Aisle only on seat 1. Seat 10 is against a wall and railing. Restrooms right above the section stairs.

Best for... watching the game, being close to the action, Catching a foul ball

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    Protected from the elements

    Apr 2011

    Section 130, Row 33, Seats 1-2

    Great seats -- close to everything, protected from rain during delay. Weather was awful (cold) for this game and there were just a few hundred people left at the end. They also ran out of churros.

    Awesome view - perfect day to watch a ball game

    May 2015

    Section 130, Row 35, Seats 1-2

    • "Aisle Seats in the Shade by 3pm"

      (Section 120) - -

      These tickets were purchased for a 3:00 game on a smoldering hot day in early June. Seats on the first base line are entirely shaded for nite games, but the same can't be said for day games. We showed up at about 2:15 and sections 20 and higher were in the shade. Every five minutes or so, the next l...

    • "Stunning Views of the Infield"

      (Section 135) - -

      I bought these seats for Michael Kopech's Sox debut, hoping to get a good view of his full arsenal - and they delivered. Absolutely phenomenal views of the mound and everything happening at home plate. They were a bit pricier than seats just a few rows up, but being in the second row at field lev...

    • "Some of the best seats in the stadium!"

      (Section 136) - -

      Between the Sox dugout and home plate, on the aisle and halfway between the field and the concourse. What more could you ask for!? Seat 1 is on the right aisle, closer to home plate. If you look straight ahead, you're staring right down the first base line. If you like watching the first or secon...

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