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"Excellent Seats Behind Home Plate"

Seat Review From Section 132, Row 19, Seat 14
Jun 2011


Really great seats. Can see the entire field and all the movement on each pitch. Highly recommended.

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    • "Excellent Spot on Sox Side!"

      (Section 139) - -

      - About 25 rows up from the Sox dugout - Just below the Antique taco stand - Under the overhang (was sunny for a couple innings though) - Between home plate and third base - Just a few steps up to the concourse

    • "Baseball Fan's Dream!!"

      (Section 135) - -

      Not only are these seats impressively close to the field, but you also get a pretty amazing view while being right on top of the action! One of the unique benefits here is that you get great elevation over the fans sitting in front of you in Row 2. For some reason, there is an extra bit of heigh...

    • "Behind White Sox dugout"

      (Section 142) -

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