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"Right Behind the Foul Pole!"

Seat Review From Section 157, Row 21, Seat 1
Sep 2013


If you're sitting in Section 157, you might want to avoid aisle seats. Seat 1 on the right aisle is directly behind the foul pole! You can see nearly all of the field, but you can't see any of home plate! Super annoying! You can try and look around the pole, but that gets old real quick.

Besides for not being able to see home plate, you can't see the deep parts of left field from these seats. You'd have to move down to about Row 10 or lower to get a better view of left field. You do have a great view of the White Sox bullpen, though, and getting to the concourse is really quick from Row 21.

Best for... fans on a budget, partying/socializing

Avoid if... you want to watch the game

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    The White Sox bullpen is in front of Sections 157 and 158

    The first row behind the bullpen is marked Row 8.

    • "Limited View of Center Field"

      (Section 102) - -

      Difficult to see the action in deep center field based on the angle of the seats. Bathroom lines can get a bit crowded at times.

    • "Cellular field was great. You are able to see the whole field."

      (Section 103) -
    • "Almost Behind the Foul Pole"

      (Section 107) - -

      Good view down the first base line towards home plate. You're almost behind the foul pole, but it does not get in the way. Close to a lot of great concession stands, and the bathrooms were seconds away from the seats.

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