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Seat Review From Section 146, Row 1, Seats 7-8
Sep 2013


These seats are in row 1, which is the actual second row from the field just past the White Sox dugout. The view from these seats is very good. You're just about at field level so you get to see the field like the players do. Higher rows in Section 146 may have some trouble seeing balls in deep left field down the line, but not in Row 1. The only complaint about the view is that the seats have a terrible angle towards home plate. After a while, it's a little uncomfortable having to turn your body to see most of the action.

These are probably the best seats in the whole park for getting an autograph from a White Sox player. There were more than a half-dozen players signing autographs less than five feet from these seats. We actually had to kick a crowd of people out of our seats before the game started because of how popular they are. In addition to the autographs, there are a ton of foul balls close to these seats and more than a couple t-shirts made it into our row during the multiple t-shirt tosses. Definitely great seats for kids. And if you happen to make it on a fireworks night like we did, you have a really great view.

We got food in other sections before sitting down, but there were a lot of options right up the steps. But speaking of steps, if you are in Row 1, prepare to walk a bunch of them. The stairs aren't at all steep in the lower level, but you still have more than 30 rows to walk up and down each time you go to the restroom or head to a concession stand. Beer vendors were aplenty near these seats, but it's too bad they can't go to the bathroom for you too.

Overall, great seats, and it was an easy walk out to public transportation because Gate 5 on the north side of the stadium was right at our section. We were one of the first few groups of people to get out of the stadium because of how close the exit is to this section.

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family, being close to the action, impressing a guest, Catching a foul ball

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    Practically on the field!

    Sep 2013

    Section 146, Row 1, Seat 8

    These are great seats right on 3rd baseline. Even though this is row 1, it is actually the 2nd row of seats as AA is right in front. Still a great view of the game with plenty of foul balls in the area keeping you on your toes. This section is also a good one to get players autographs before the game. This is where a lot of kids crowd before the game to try to get autographs as it is so close to the sox dugout. 1 player actually hopped in to the section to sign cards! A lot of stairs to get to seats...not good if you have arthritis or frequently head to concessions/restrooms. Overall, great seats and would definitely sit here again.

    Super narrow!!!

    Apr 2019

    Section 146, Row 12, Seats 1 & 2

    Super uncomfortable seats!!!! Rails of seat literally dig into your sides! Moved and tried many other seats, all the others were great....

    Front of sections 108-156 are behind the netting

    There is some amount of netting or screening in front of all lower level sections in foul territory. The height and coverage of netting or screening will vary by section.

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      Last row in the section. Completely covered by the overhang and totally shaded for a 1pm game. There was even a bit of a breeze back here blowing from the concourse. For being the last row, the view wasn't that bad. The seats are slightly angled towards the infield unlike some other areas of the ...

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      Moved to these seats after the game went into extra innings and it was too hot to remain in our seats on the other side of the field. Obviously, the shade was fantastic. View isn't that great. Wasn't anyone within 10 rows which made it easy to spread out.

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