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"First row and personal waitress!"

Seat Review From Section 342, Row 1, Seat 4
Jun 2011


Good seats in first row. Personal waitress comes by. These are in the club level which has an air conditioned enclosed area to hang out in if it gets too hot (and it does in late August in Chicago).

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    • "Great Seats in the Club Level"

      (Section 340) - -

      It's been a while since I've sat in the Club Level, and I forgot how much I enjoyed it. There are only five rows in each section, so you never have to walk too many stairs to get up and down. And with the in-seat wait service, the only reason you ever need to get up is to go to the bathroom (though ...

    • "Great Views and Amazing Comforts!"

      (Section 340) - -

      If I ever needed an answer as to whether or not the Club level is worth the extra money on a ticket, this was it. Hard to beat sitting on this level due to the amazing view height and the unbeatable amenities.
      The seats themselves have padded bottoms with plastic backs, and are very nice to sit...

    • "Closest Club Section to Home Plate"

      (Section 335) - -

      Nice, padded seating in the club level. Great to have in-seat wait service. Our server came around about every two innings or so and served all the way through the eighth inning. Restrooms were really convenient - just a couple sections over and void of lines. You can see every inch of the fie...

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