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"Section 118 Row 21 Seat 5"

Seat Review From Section 118, Row 21, Seat 5
Jan 2011

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    Jul 2011

    Section 118, Row 11, Seats 1-4

    Front of sections 108-156 are behind the netting

    There is some amount of netting or screening in front of all lower level sections in foul territory. The height and coverage of netting or screening will vary by section.

    • "Good View of Fireworks"

      (Section 150) - -

      Seats on third-base side near the White Sox dugout are a good place to see the fireworks on a Saturday night game.

    • "Love these seats!"

      (Section 149) - -

      I loved these seats. 6th row, on the aisle. There are eight seats per row in this section so no matter what, you're not walking over anyone or getting walked over. We moved down to the 1st row in this section as the game went into the 14th inning and from there it was even better! You felt right on ...

    • "Great view of the outfield"

      (Section 148) - -

      This is my third or fourth time sitting in this section. Each time, I've sat in a row number less than ten. I prefer to be as close to the field as possible, but the one drawback is that you have to turn your body to the right to watch home plate. Otherwise you are staring into the outfield. If I we...

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