U.S. Bank Stadium

Minnesota Vikings 200 Level Corner Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

With the premium Club Purple occupying the northwest corner of the 200 level, most of the seating options in this zone will be found closer to the east endzone. You won’t find any premium amenities with a 200 Level Corner ticket, but you still get those excellent viewing perspectives created by the optimal second tier seating height.

200 level corner options near the west endzone consist of just 3 sections (240-242) where diverse concession options will be a bit further of a walk, and you don’t have much of a view to the open end of US Bank Stadium. Overall, the corner seats in this zone closer to the east endzone are a better choice thanks to better sightlines to the Minneapolis skyline and the larger west endzone videoboard for replays and highlights.

Most sections here have up to 15 numbered rows in each, however the southeast corner sections (225-228) are slightly smaller with just 12 rows due to the broadcast control area above the seats. We recommend avoiding the lower numbered seats in section 225 (closest to the back of the east endzone) as there is an additional partition of glass just to the right of the seats which can impact your view of the near endzone.  - RateYourSeats.com

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Pretty good spot"

      (Section 240) - -

      Better than expected. In line with back of endzone, but angled just slightly for comfortable views of both ends. Perfect elevation I think for football. Never miss a play.

    • "Very Comfortable View"

      (Section 221) - -

      These are probably some of the cheapest tickets on the 200 level, but you get a really comfortable view right at the 50 yardline. My favorite thing is that you get a beautiful view of the jumbotron. From behind the endzone it can be tough to tell yardage on plays, but the video screen complements...

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