U.S. Bank Stadium

Minnesota Vikings 200 Level Sideline Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

Although you won’t get those highly sought after 50 yard line views, seats in the 200 Level Sideline seating zone provide excellent viewing height, desirable sideline angles, and can be found at a more reasonable cost than the second tier premium seats at midfield.

Sections here have the feel of a club seat much in thanks to the smaller seating setup which features no more than 15 numbered rows of seating in each. Those looking for the easiest of access should search in sections 208, 214, 231, 237 which have among the fewest seats per row at US Bank Stadium.

Entry tunnels are located near the front of the seating sections for the 200 Level Sideline (row 3), so we recommend sticking with the first five rows for an overall incredible experience at a football game. Although do take caution when sitting in the first row as the safety glass in front of the tier can be a viewing concern for shorter fans.  - RateYourSeats.com

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    • "Just DON'T"

      (Section 214) - -

      Bad seating in 214. All seat 1s have an absolute OBSTRUCTED VIEW. DO NOT SPEND A DIME ON SECTION 214.

    • "Elevated View Near the Endzone"

      (Section 216) - -

      Nothing really remarkable about these seats. They're not bad by any stretch,but also nothing outstanding. Good perch looking down on endZone, but not the best sight to the other side.

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