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U.S. Bank Stadium Great Views of the Field

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field at U.S. Bank Stadium

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With the majority of midfield sections at US Bank Stadium belonging to a premium seating area, it can be expensive to find seats with those ultimate views you might be looking for when attending a football game. However there are also a number of other options with fantastic views at a more reasonable price tag if you know where to look.

But let's start with some of the very best, which as mentioned above are also part of premium seating for Vikings home games. Along the south sideline, Medtronic Club sections 6-10 (labeled as sections V6-V10 on the Vikings seating chart) offer sensational views from an ideal height near the top of the lowest seating tier. While you could potentially get closer to the action in the Delta Sky Club seats below (sections F1-F5), these seats sit very low to the field so you won't have as good of a perspective. On the opposite side of the field, opt for rows 15-25 in Hyundai Club sections V1-V5 which get you that same desirable viewing height while avoiding sitting too low where the players along the sideline can impact your view. If you're having trouble deciding between the east and west sidelines here, know that the Medtronic Club will get you more in terms of amenities but will also have a higher price tag.

Moving on from the premium options, one of our favorite spots for staying dialed into the game at US Bank Stadium are 200 level sections 208, 214, 231, and 237. These are located just adjacent to the FMP and Buffalo Wild Wings club seats which occupy the prime mid-field real estate, so you still get an excellent view from the perfectly positioned second seating tier at the US Bank without having to pay the premium club prices. Another big selling feature of these sections are the smaller seating areas, which feature no more than 15 rows in each, and no more than 15 seats in each row. The smaller seating makes it easier to get in and out, allowing you to spend more time watching the game and less time trying to make your way back from the concourse.

Sticking with the midfield theme, the only spot where you can score a view from between the 20 yard lines without having to go with an expensive club seat is on the 300 level. While there are definitely some difficult views to be found on this upper seating tier, you can also find some hidden gems if you're able to get a ticket in the lettered rows. These lettered row seats are located in the lower portion of the section, and feel like their own private seating deck. The views here are shockingly impressive for an upper deck, and the convenience of being no more than 5 rows from the concourse lets you enjoy watching the game without having to worry about a long or steep walk to visit the restrooms.

If you're not all that concerned about having that prime sideline viewing perspective, we strongly recommend considering the upper seating rows of sections 118-121. These east endzone seats give you an extremely comfortable head on view to both the field as well as the larger of the stadium's two videoboards. Opting for rows 33 and higher give you a very good viewing height and will also leave you within a 10 row walk of the concourse. But the most unique aspect about sitting here is the impressive view through to the city in the backdrop of the far endzone!

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Recommended Ticket Locations

Rows 15-25 in Sections 107, 111, V1 and more

Excellent positioning near midfield on the lower tier

Good seating height for seeing over the visiting team sideline

Sections V10, V6, V7 and more

Excellent lower level views near midfield

Good seating height for seeing over the Vikings sideline

Premium club benefits

Sections 208, 214, 231 and more

Ideal viewing height from the second seating tier

Desirable sideline viewing perspective without the club price tag

Fewer seats per row lets you focus on the game

Rows B-E in Sections 310, 311, 312 and more

Affordable sideline views on the upper seating tier

Close to midfield

In the lower portion of the 300 level

Rows 33-42 in Sections 118, 119, 120 and more

Straight away views to the field and larger west endzone videoboard

Good viewing elevation near the top of the lower seating tier

Fun views through to the city in the backdrop of the far endzone

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