Talking Stick Resort Arena

"Great view as long as everyone is sitting down"

Seat Review From Section 115, Row 25, Seats 4-6
May 2015


When we got to our seats, I was thrilled with how good of a view we had. The stage was set up the long way down the court, so we had a perfect view of the whole thing including a straight-on view of the giant screen that played multimedia during the show. The downside, however, was as soon as the show started, everyone in front of us felt the need to stand and remain standing for the entire duration of the show. This wasn't necessarily a problem for me, as I'm an able-bodied 20-something. However, my dad has a badly broken back and can't stand for long periods of time. He had no choice but to sit and therefore have a nice view of a lot of butts in his face. Thankfully we had an end seat, so he sat over there and had a slightly less butt-tastic view. He's terminally ill and the concert was on his bucket list, so it's too bad he didn't have a full view of the show. Wish people would SIT in the seats they paid hundreds of dollars for.

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      Decent view of stage. BUT These seats were inches smaller than the row behind us. I barely fit, it was comfortable in row 8. They also had more padding. Avoid anything below row 8 if you have larger hips or just want to be more comfortable.

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      Take a look at this picture!! That is THE Justin Timberlake. JT. Nsync. Legend. Icon. In, the, flesh. I still can't believe last night was real and not a dream like the ones I normally have of him. In all seriousness, I don't think I could have even dreamed of better seats. I was located about four ...

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