University of Phoenix Stadium

"Club level on the goal line"

Seat Review From Section 233, Row 5, Seat 6
Aug 2014


These were pretty decent for Club seats, extremely comfortable as they were very well padded and with generous leg room even for taller fans. The seats are positioned directly across the field and right at the near goal line, which makes it a great place to be for goal line plays at the near endzone. The large videoboard to the left definitely drew my attention far more than the smaller one at the right, leaving me looking to the left for the majority of highlights and replays.
At seat 6 I was just 5 seats away from the aisle at the right, and just a few rows down from the entry tunnel at the top of the section. Great for quick and easy access to the Club level restrooms and concessions.

Best for... bringing the family, impressing a guest

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