State Farm Stadium

"Club Section 232"

Seat Review From Section 232, Row 9, Seat 8
Aug 2014


This row was maybe the biggest section in the club level. Why are there so many seats in the club section rows? Everything else about the club is great and upscale. The food, the concourse, the amenities -- they're all great. And you only have 12 rows, so there's never a lot of stairs. So why they put so many seats in a row is beyond me.

The seats weren't a huge deal because this game wasn't crowded, but I'd prefer something closer to the aisle. View from Section 232 was pretty good. I was in the angled part of the section. The other half of the section looks straight to the goal line. To be safe, try buying in a section that's closer to the endzone or closer to midfield. The angle to the field will be better.

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