State Farm Stadium

"Right on the 50!"

Seat Review From Section 108, Row 40
Aug 2014


If these aren't the best seats in the stadium, I don't know what are. Sure, you can be closer to the field, but in Row 40 you can simply turn around, walk 5 steps and grab a beer and hot dog in one easy trip. I actually think the view might be better from up here as well. You can see the whole field without turning your head, and seeing the big videoboard is much easier.

The view really is spectacular. You've got the Cards sideline right in front of you and following the game is an absolute breeze. Adding the convenience factor to the view, these would be my first choice seats.

The only negatives here are the lines for concessions. The Cardinals let way too many standing people behind these sections which causes ridiculous lines, tough navigation of the concourse and a lot of traffic and noise near these top rows. They should really only allow standing in the endzones, so midfield ticketholders get a little bit of the peace they paid for.

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family, partying/socializing, impressing a guest

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