State Farm Stadium

State Farm Stadium Club Level Side Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

If you aren't able to find a seat in the closer rows of the lower sections near midcourt, the Club Level side sections are going to be the next best thing. These seats are further from the action, but do not have to worry about the viewing limitations that can come with sitting in the shallow temporary risers.

As a part of the club level, the seats are nicely padded for a more comfortable viewing experience, and also give you access to the private club level concourse. Combine the fewer number of rows in each section (no more than 12 in each) with the private concourse and you also get quicker and easier trips to the restrooms and concessions.

Sections 210-213 and 236-239 offer some of the best seats in the stadium for fans who want a comfortable experience which also provides decent views of the floor.

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