United Center

"Slightly Above Average"

Seat Review From Section 333, Row 9, Seats 7&8
Nov 2019


All Blackhawks games are a blast. These seats are just inside the blue line on the shoot twice side. Row 9 or 10 is about as high as I would go in the 300 level before it starts feeling too high. The new jumbotron helps these seats a lot... that thing is HUGE. Also, no cupholders kinda stinks.

Women's room is right outside, men's two sections over. Go Hawks!

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    Great attack zone seats on the aisle

    Dec 2015

    Section 333, Row 12, Seat 1

    Aisle seats make such a difference in the 300 level. Sure, we had to stand probably a dozen times as others walked in and out, but I don't mind that too much. Not having anyone on that one side was worth it. Getting to the seats is really convenient from the north side of the stadium. Up two escalators and you're there. Plenty of food stands nearby and the deli with premium sandwiches is close too. View was pretty solid. It will get better in the lower rows, but you get a great view of the zone the Hawks attack in the first and third periods. And no issues seeing the other end. For restrooms, there is a men's and women's about three sections away. I decided to risk it and go up the stairs to the penthouse bathroom instead. It's just a one-person and took pretty long in line. The SRO ticketholders are plentiful up here for Hawks games and ensure the lines are relatively long. Would go down the stairs to the 300 concourse in the future.

    Strong value on the upper level

    Dec 2015

    Section 333, Row 12, Seat 2

    From just inside the blue line, we had very good views of the near net where the Hawks attack during the 1st and 3rd periods. Unfortunately the Hawks scored their lone goal of the game during the second period (at the far net), but we still had a decent view of that tally which brought Kane's point streak to 20 games. I'm a big fan of being on the aisle as it makes for a much more comfortable experience knowing how quickly we can get to and from the seats for trips to the restrooms (the additional legroom is a great perk as well). Thankfully we were on the right aisle in our row, so with the majority of the ice to our left we rarely had our views blocked by fans walking up and down the aisle. The roaming beer vendors were nowhere to be found during the first period, but made multiple appearances during the second and third periods. Since we had grabbed the first round and some food prior to puck drop, we were well covered in the refreshment department, and rarely had to leave the seats (only for restroom runs). Hawks tickets can be pretty expensive, but for what we paid, the seats were a very strong value thanks to being on the aisle and good proximity to the net where the Hawks shoot twice. I would have preferred to be on the opposite side (Section 319) where we could have a head on view of the benches, but it was still a great experience.

    • "Awesome view: really expensive if buying tickets week of"

      (Section 319) -
    • "Great seats!"

      (Section 334) - -

      Seats were great. Center ice, aisle seats. Comfortable seats with decent leg room. A lot of people think that if they sit that high up they will just be watching dots zoom around -- NOT TRUE! Although the seats are high up, you still feel close to the action and you can see everything! I never left ...

    • "SEC 334"

      (Section 334) -

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