United Center

"Good for 300 level"

Seat Review From Section 304, Row 6, Seats 8-9
Dec 2017


These seats were pretty good for 300 level. Closer to one end of the ice than the other but we didn’t feel too removed when they were on the opposite end. At row 6 we were just steps away from the exit and the bathrooms were right outside making it a quick and easy to leave our seats.

Best for... fans on a budget

Avoid if... climbing stairs is difficult

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    Aisle seats right by ramp

    Apr 2011

    Section 304, Row 4, Seats 11-12

    Aisle seats right by ramp to concessions and restrooms. Easy enough to grab food, go to bathroom during a commercial and come back in time for the faceoff.

    Great hockey experience

    Oct 2013

    Section 304, Row 4, Seats 7-10

    Great view friendly crowd.

    • "Pretty good seats on the aisle"

      (Section 322) - -

      Pretty good seats on the aisle. Face value was pretty expensive, which led to a pretty expensive markup and overall cost. But the stadium was electric throughout.

    • "Blackhawks Shoot Twice"

      (Section 332) -
    • "Excellent! Very close to all services"

      (Section 303) -

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