United Center

"Best Game Of My Life"

Seat Review From Section 111, Row 4, Seat 12
Mar 2012


UC packed and Deng do or die buzzer beater in OT for another gritty win. Felt small because the players were so big. Best show in town for sure.

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family, being close to the action, partying/socializing, impressing a guest

Avoid if... you consider yourself "Big and Tall", you are cheering for the away team

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Worth Every Penny

Mar 2012

Section 111, Row 4, Seat 11

I am a season ticket holder in the 300 level, so this review is relative to experiences in that section. The view from these seats is amazing. When a team is on a fast break and players are sprinting down the court on this wing, you feel like they're coming right at you. The officials in the NBA are terrible and there were a couple of calls that we could make from our seats that the officials initially got wrong and subsequently overturned -- you are that close. This was row 4, but is really the 7th row. The restrooms are a bit of a pain to get to -- and the line was out the door -- but that's because people insisted on creating one line for all the urinals instead of playing roulette and choosing a urinal line to stand in. From an entertainment perspective, there are a lot of opportunities for t-shirts, Benny the Bull is always on this sideline and the cheerleaders are right there. One drawback is the length of the rows -- about 20 or so seats. If you are stuck in the middle, you'll have to fight off about 10 angry stares each time you exit the row and head to the concourse. Also, the seats are a bit tight -- and none of them are open -- so you will be rubbing elbows with your neighbor. A subtle drawback to great seats and a successful team. Face value: $160.00.

Right on Top of the Court

Jan 2013

Section 111, Row 4, Seat 11

You get a five-star view with these seats. You're nearly at court level so the players actually appear as large as they are. The rows have a lot of seats, which means that getting seats closer to the aisle is ideal so it's easier to get in and out.

  • "Great View"

    (Section 122) - -

    Great view! No obstruction. Good distance from the court. Close to the aisle.

  • "Amazing view no matter where the players were"

    (Section 113) - -

    These seats are some of the most sought after in the United Center. If you have some cash to spare, I would definitely go and spend a little extra on these seats. Not only is in seat food and beverage service included but the only people who can access the floor of the United center are people w...

  • "It is like you are a part of the bench"

    (Section 102) - -

    These seats are first row directly behind the bulls bench, during timeouts it is like you are right there with Coach Thibs. Truly a unique experience to be see and hear the bulls players. The court action is great, the only negative is if you have little kids they might not be able to see real wel...

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