United Center

"Excellent Seats For the 300 Level"

Seat Review From Section 316, Row 2, Seat 5
Feb 2018


I debated for a while whether to sit here or in the first row on the aisle a couple sections over (these seats were more I'm the corner). In the end, I was happy I chose these seats.

First, the basket does not obstruct the view at all so youre left with a clean siteline and no questions on whether the ball went through the hoop or not.

Second, being in Row 2 us far superior to row 1 because you don't have to look through the front railing. The people in front of me sat hunched the entire game. Meanwhile, I sat back comfortably in my chair and enjoyed the view.

Row 2 also puts you super close to the tunnel so running to the bathroom or out for another drink is a breeze.

Best for... watching the game, bringing the family, fans on a budget, partying/socializing

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