United Center

"Steep, But Clear of Railings"

Seat Review From Section 314, Row 11, Seat 21
Dec 2017


High up views and the aisles are steep, but thankfully at Row 11 the railings don't have much of an impact on the sight lines (don't expect much though as the view isn't that great to begin with).

Near the press box and close to the aisle, but otherwise nothing special here.

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    Nice Seats for 300 Section

    Dec 2013

    Section 314, Row 9, Seats 1,2

    Seat had a good view they were at the end of the stairway with a railing in front so no one would jump up in front. Also on a aisle which was a bonus for my bad knee. However fans climbing stairs would temporarily block your view. I really like this location and would sit there again.

    Too high

    Dec 2017

    Section 314, Row 11, Seat 20

    A bit far from the court, but close to the aisle. No obstructed views. A good experience!

    • "Good view of the action"

      (Section 329) - -

      Good view of the action. 11th row is only like row 5 in this section.

    • "Section 329 Row 11 Seats 5-6"

      (Section 329) -
    • "Great energy, rough view"

      (Section 312) - -

      Tickets for the Big Ten Tournament Championship game between Michigan and Michigan State were on the expensive side, so I was relegated to the only place I could find cheaper seats, the 300 level section. United Center is a massive arena, and because of this, the 300 level section is really up there...

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