United Center

"Good Elevation Along Sideline"

Seat Review From Section 122, Row 18, Seat 1
Dec 2017


Near the top of the lower seating tier, which provided an ideal height for being able to see more of the floor. Still felt very close to all the action, and had a good straight away view to the back of the visiting team bench.

My seat was on the aisle and just a few rows up from the entry tunnel, allowing for very easy access to and from the seats.

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    Great View

    Dec 2017

    Section 122, Row 18, Seat 2

    Great view! No obstruction. Good distance from the court. Close to the aisle.

    Great View

    Dec 2017

    Section 122, Row 18, Seat 2

    Behind Announcers!

    Section 122, Row A

    Section 122, Row A is the first row behind the TV and radio announcers right by the visiting team bench!

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      The experience you have in these seats is going to be wholly dependent on who the visiting team is. If the Warriors are in town, you'll have a chance to sit just a few feet away from Steph and the rest of the stars. But if you're like me and the pitiful Knicks are the opposition, the seats are a was...

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      I am a season ticket holder in the 300 level, so this review is relative to experiences in that section. The view from these seats is amazing. When a team is on a fast break and players are sprinting down the court on this wing, you feel like they're coming right at you. The officials in the NBA ...

    • "It is like you are a part of the bench"

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      These seats are first row directly behind the bulls bench, during timeouts it is like you are right there with Coach Thibs. Truly a unique experience to be see and hear the bulls players. The court action is great, the only negative is if you have little kids they might not be able to see real wel...

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