United Center

"Beyonce concert"

Seat Review From Section 201, Row 3, Seat 12
Oct 2013


The seats were average but comfortable enough to see and watch the show.

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    Blocked view

    Aug 2018

    Section 201, Row 2, Seat 4

    Great view of stage until people in row 1 stood and blocked majority of view of stage for row 2 and 3. They were disrespectful. People can stand but intentional long periods of time that affected folks who paid to see the performer not the backs of rude people. Not everyone can stand. Frustrating

    • "Loved everything about it!"

      (Section 217) - -

      Awesome show, great views and unique perspective above sound booth! Great crowd!

    • "Great seats close to all the necessary amenities with a great view as well."

      (Section 219) - -

      These seats were directly to the left of the stage with a great view for a relatively cheaper price. These seats are toward the end of the row so the stairs are easily accessible. These are also great because they're the last row in the section with no people behind you, so you can stand up without ...

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