Turner Field

"Perfect View, Amazing Seats"

Seat Review From Section 109, Row 10, Seats 5-6
Jun 2016


These seats have an amazing view, and so close to the Braves Dugout! Well worth the cost!

Best for... watching the game, catching a foul ball

Avoid if... you're cheering for the away team

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Jul 2013

Section 109, Row 25, Seats 104-106

This was our first trip to Turner Field and it was great! The seats were in a good spot to see all the action. We had the best time. My husband took some good photos from these seats of Uggla and Kimbrel coming out!

Row 6 is the first row behind the Braves dugout in Section 109.

Section 109, Row 6

  • "Play Catch"

    (Section 117) - -

    Lots of balls came into this area to catch.

  • "Great view"

    (Section 118) - -

    Great seats. We were 3 rows from the dugout right at 3rd base. Awesome view of the field and can walk one aisle over and get autographs at the dugout. Only downside I had was the seats were sold as aisle seats and even shown as aisle seats on several websites but they are not. You have the valet con...

  • "Lots of foul balls"

    (Section 118) - -

    Caught a ball in these seats from the first baseman coming into the dugout! Excellent seats with a good view of the game. Lots of foul balls. Especially good when you consider they were purchased inexpensively five hours before the game.