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About These Seats

Located on the lowest level of outfield seating and home to some of the best sections for catching a home run ball. Sections 139 and 143 book end the Braves bullpen, while Section 132 is located next to the visitors bullpen.

Much like all the outfield seating, these sections offer very little in terms of shade, and the right field side will have the sun for the longest amount of time.

What is best about the outfield sections is being so close to all the great amenities in plaza behind the outfield, which feature great family friendly activities for all to enjoy.

Fan Ratings & Reviews

  • They were second row and completely obstructed.

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  • The Braves Bullpen is the Right of Section 139

    Choose a high number seat in Section 139 to be next to the Braves bullpen.

  • The Braves Bullpen is the Left of Section 143

    Choose a low numbered seat (close to seat 1) to be right next to the Braves bullpen.

  • The Visitor Bullpen is the Right of Sections 132 and 232

    Sit near Seat 101 in Section 132 to be next to the Visitor bullpen.