Turner Field

Turner Field Field Level Down the Line


Sitting Here for a Baseball Game

Fans will enjoy the feeling of being on Turner Field's lowest level, but the view is not as good here as it is from the infield sections. Located down the right and left field lines, the sections are a great place to catch a foul ball.

Sections on the left field side not only provide better shade, but will also have better amenities with the Taco Mac Tavern nearby, and just a short walk to all the fun activities of Scouts Alley (located on the concourse behind left field).

Section 128 is a good spot for fans of the visiting teams as it is located next to the visitor team bullpen in the corner of left field.  - RateYourSeats.com

Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • "Good for batting practice !"

    (Section 126) - -

    These seats are great if you would like to see the players up-close when they are in the outfield shagging balls in BP. Easier to get a ball from a player here than in outfield bleachers! View of home plate is a little problematic for lower rows, but higher should be ok! Almost always in the shade v...

  • "Perfect for fouls"

    (Section 122) -
  • "Great night!!!!! Even caught a foul ball!!!!!"

    (Section 121) -