Find Shaded and Covered Seating at Turner Field

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Shade and Cover FAQs

Finding Shade in the Early Afternoon

During the warm summer months, most Braves day games begin at 12:10 or 1:35. Not surprisingly, these are also some of the hottest points of the day and shaded seating at Turner Field is in high demand for these games. In the early afternoon, fans will find shaded seating on all levels of the ballpark except the lowest level. A majority of these shaded seats are found in the 200 level where as many as 75% of the seats are covered and offer some type of relief. Meanwhile, club sections nearest home plate (307-323) are about half-shaded. Finally, the last 8 rows of seats in the upper deck will be protected from the sun at high noon.

Overhang above the 200 level sections
The overhang above the 200 level provides ample relief for most rows in these sections

Best Seats in the Shade

Because shaded seats are found in many places throughout the ballpark, there are a lot of quality seats that are also out of the sun. Among the best of these is in the 300 level adjacent to the press box. Rows 4 and above in 300 level sections behind home plate are well covered, offer great views of the field and enjoy amenities like access to the climate-controlled club lounge.

All 100 Level Seats Are in the Sun

If you're looking to sit close to the field and be out of the sun for an afternoon Braves game, you'll unfortunately be out of luck. All 100 level sections are completely exposed to the elements, including rain and sun. You'll also want to be careful to avoid sections 233-241 and 329-337 down the right field line. While some of the seats in these sections may be shaded during some parts of the game, they're heavily exposed once the late afternoon sun hits.

Shaded Seating For Games After 3:00

As early afternoon gives way to late afternoon, many sections on the third base side of Turner Field become very well shaded. Sections 204-230 and 308-322 will have the sun behind them and the overhang above them will provide complete protection. Similarly, fans will find more shaded seats in the 400 level by 3:00 and by 4:00 almost the entirety of even-numbered sections 404-422 are shaded.

Avoiding the Late Afternoon Sun

Sunny right field seats
Even with large overhangs, the right field seats at Braves games are still directly in the sun come late afternoon

As the sun moves around Turner Field, many of the seats that are shaded for a noon game are no longer safe to sit in for a late afternoon game. For example, 200 level seats down the first base line are well covered and fairly well-shaded for early afternoon contests. But as the sun travels beyond the stadium, many of these sections are directly in the path of its bright rays. You'll want to avoid most odd sections 215-241, 315-337 and 415-437. By 3:00 the sun will be shining brightly down the right field line and into the outfield, and these seats will be in the sun until at least 6:30.