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"I enjoyed these seats, a bit more than I pay for tickets, but so worth it for a good view"

Seat Review From Section 103, Seats 14,15
Mar 2014


Best for... watching the game, being close to the action, impressing a guest

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    Great view and location

    Nov 2015

    Section 103, Row 14, Seat 16

    5th row from the front of the section (starts at row 9). Fantastic view of the whole court without obstruction, across from Visitor's bench. Aisle seats with above avg width with sufficient leg room and cushioning. Easy access to bathrooms and food vendors.

    Located above the visiting team locker room tunnel

    Section 103

    • "Right Above the Rockets Tunnel"

      (Section 111) - -

      The view from these seats isn't the best, but it also isn't the worst. I don't normally enjoy a corner view at a basketball game, but it wasn't so bad. The elevation is good to see the court pretty well and you can see all the videoboards pretty well. The best thing about these seats is that they...

    • "Close Views Behind Visitor Bench"

      (Section 123) - -

      The seats were located just six rows from the front of the section, and even though section 123 does not extend all the way to the court, I still felt incredible close to the floor. I had a great view of Dwight Howard warming up and shooting around with some lucky kids that got to be on the court, ...

    • "Close to the Legends Lounge"

      (Section 115) - -

      I don't normally enjoy seats behind the basket or in the corner, but the intangibles of these seats made up for it. They're near the Red Rowdies -- but not too close. So it's energetic without being overwhelming. These seats are also steps away from the concourse, restrooms and the Legends Lounge...

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