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Houston Rockets 400 Level Corner Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

The seats in 400 Level Corner sections are among the cheapest in the stadium and can be up to 50% less expensive than 400 Level Center seating.

Generally speaking, the views from the front rows of these sections is just OK. And views from the back rows are not ideal. But when considering seats in this zone, you may want to choose one of the last rows. Your view will be slightly worse than the lower rows but you'll have fewer steps to get to and from your seats each time you get something to eat or head to the restroom.

Clutch's Corner in Section 422 is a family-friendly section offering in-game entertainment.  -

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Fun for the family in spite of mediocre views"

      (Section 422) - -

      Section 422 is also known as Clutch's Corner, a designated family section where kids receive a souvenir Clutch Crown, and are also guaranteed to have a visit from Clutch (the Rockets mascot) during the game as he visits this section. The seats were packed with families taking in the game, and you c...

    • "Very Quiet Section"

      (Section 414) - -

      High up in the corner, it was dead up here. It just didn't feel like a sporting event -- especially between rivals. The corner view is not great, but at least you can see the big board really well. If you can afford it, there are better seats just a section or two closer to half-court.

    • "Pretty Good Corner View Except For Railing"

      (Section 413) - -

      If the railing wasn't in play, this would have been a pretty good corner view for a basketball stadium. Unfortunately, Row 1 has to contend with the railing and it's an annoyance unless you lean forward all game long. I'm sure the higher up rows are actually pretty good. You can see the small end...

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