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400 Level Side Seating at Toyota Center Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

When looking at the Toyota Center seating chart, there are two main levels of seating: the 100 level and the 400 level. A large block of premium seating is located between the lower and upper levels. This keeps seats in the 400 level closer to the floor, but also much higher up. In other words, you may feel as you\'re looking straight down onto the stage.

Generally speaking, we have found the views from the closest side sections - 408 and 428 - to be fairly good. Views from these sections will be slightly blocked by sound and lighting equipment, but most of the stage is visible. For a better experience without any potential obstructions, consider the front rows of 409 and 427. You\'ll have a clear view to the stage and will even have a view of the video screens.

One area of consideration for the side sections on the upper level is that the entrance to these seats is located at the top row. So, while row 1 seats will have the closest views, they\'ll also come with the longest walks up and down the (steep) stairs. If deciding between two sets of tickets that you think are fairly equal, you may want to choose the set in the higher row as they\'ll be more convenient.   -

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