Spectrum Center (Time Warner Cable Arena)

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With every section taking on its own shape and offering different sitelines, corner sections on the lower level offer the most unique experiences.

Despite their differences, most of the seats in these sections offers a good angle towards the court. This results in comfortable sightlines and a positive experience overall. For the best experience, choose a row near the top of one of these sections. The added elevation will make it easier to see both ends of the court and you'll be just a few steps away from the concourse and its concessions and amenities.


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  • Section 116, Row EE
    100/100 Deal Rating
    December 20 - Los Angeles Lakers at Charlotte Hornets
  • Section 103, Row Z
    100/100 Deal Rating
    October 29 - Boston Celtics at Charlotte Hornets
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Showing tickets for Oct 29 - Boston Celtics at Charlotte Hornets

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  • Can only see about 1/4 to a 1/2 of what is going on.

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