The Palace of Auburn Hills

Detroit Pistons Lower Level Baseline Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

The Palace features a wide array of good seating options on both the lower and upper levels. For this reason, baseline seating on the lower level should be mostly avoided due to bad sightlines, poor views of the videoboard and basket obstructions.

The worst seats for a Pistons game are located in sections 120A-120C and 107A-107C behind the baskets. While the front row (row AAA) of each of these sections is behind courtside seating and just a few feet from the floor, these seats leave a lot to be desired. The baskets severely obstruct your view of the action - especially when seated in sections 107B and 120B. Furthermore, these seating rows do not rise much from the floor, making it incredibly difficult to see over fans in front of you and to the other side of the court.

If your sole intent is to sit on the lower level and these sections match up with your budget, consider the numbered rows in sections 106, 108, 119 and 121. These rows are near the top of each section which will make it easier to see the court. You'll also be just a few steps away from the main concourse and will save money versus seats in a lower row.  -

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