The Palace of Auburn Hills

The Palace of Auburn Hills Lower Level Side Seating


Sitting Here for a Concert

Sections on the lower level off the sides of the stage are among some of the best seating options for a traditional end stage concert. The sections are close to the stage and have the benefit of stadium style seating for easier viewing over the fans in the lower rows. Double lettered rows are located at the front of the section, followed by single lettered rows behind. Lower level suites are located between Rows J and K, dividing the sections into a lower and upper portion.  -

Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • "I was at the end where the catwalk ended it was Awesome seats for the Aerosmith Concert. "

    (Section 113) - -

    I was so close I could see his face very clearly. I would pay even more money than I did to have these seats again. :)

  • "Was closer than front row!"


    Sat in Sec 102 Row DD seats 12 and 13 for Rush. Was closer than front row. Was sort of corner side of stage. 112 would be the same. 101 and 113 are one over and would be good too!