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Sitting Here for a Concert

Despite recent renovations, The Forum shows its age a bit when looking at seating in the upper level. Unlike modern arenas that usually feature three levels of seating, the two-level Forum instead has a somewhat under-sized lower level sections and over-sized sections in the 200 level.

Because there is no seating between the 100 and 200 levels, the front rows (think 1-8) of these sections offer phenomenal elevation for any event, including a concert. Although you\'re pushed back from the stage thanks to the round nature of the venue, the front rows of the 200 are at an ideal height for a comfortable viewing experience.

If your budget has you looking at the upper rows (20 and above) of these side sections, we recommend skipping them and instead buying a corner or end seat in a lower row. The steepness of the upper level means that there is a big difference between the lower and upper rows. Not to mention that you may have to walk as many as 30 rows of stairs to reach the top seats in the 200 level.

For most concerts we\'ve found that you can get a ticket in the first 10 rows of corner sections for about the same price as a row 25 ticket in one of these side sections. The corner seat would be our choice out of the two options.

All side sections in the upper level have up to 16 seats per row with seat 1 on your left when looking down towards the floor.   -

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  • Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

    • "Tame Impala - Mar 10, 2020"

      (Section 225) -
    • "Obstructed view"

      (Section 225) - -

      First row seemed like it would be great, but there is a platform obstructing the view from the stage. These seats were $200 each. Beware!

    • "Great seats for this particular show"

      (Section 225) - -

      Lady Gaga used the whole venue. So it was nice to be up higher so you could get the whole experience. I love this venue. Even the higher seats don’t feel like you are going to get a nose bleed!

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